This is a dynamic time in the history of public health. As the Affordable Care Act rolls out, there is a new national emphasis on prevention of chronic diseases and the environmental causes of poor health. Technology and social media are rapidly changing how the public and providers interact with the health care system and how we communicate health information. Health policies and health care costs are issues at the forefront of politics and our national economy. As Hofstra University and North Shore/LIJ launches a Master of Public Health (MPH) program, there are numerous opportunities to capture the energy generated by these developments. But there are also many questions that are raised by this increasing focus on public health issues and approaches.

This blog, Public Health Exchange will attempt to capture that energy and answer those questions as we create a new Master of Public Health program. Public Health Exchange will “translate” new research and how it applies to our communities, explain the nuts and bolts of public health concepts and approaches, and present the challenges of teaching public health to a new generation of health educators and providers. Since our students also live and work in communities that face public health challenges, Public Health Exchange will also feature their voices and how they are understanding and practicing public health. And finally, Public Health Exchange will also be my story as an assistant professor in a new MPH program and the process that I and my colleagues will go through to create a vibrant, satisfying and useful program that successfully trains our next generation of public health oriented students and that is a service to our community.